Northampton mum who suffered six miscarriages before giving birth thanks hospital staff

Theresa Wright with her three month old son Harrison
Theresa Wright with her three month old son Harrison

A MUM from Northampton who had six miscarriages before finally giving birth, has thanked staff at Northampton General Hospital’s special care baby unit for saving her son’s life.

Theresa Wright, aged 29, from Bozeat, and partner Ashley Higton endured the loss of a baby in 2006, two babies in 2007, two more in 2008 and one in 2009.

But they were overjoyed when son Lewis came along in 2010, and they were celebrating again recently with the birth of a second son, Harrison.

Unfortunately his birth was not straightforward and he was born prematurely at only 31 weeks, with the family braced for tragedy again.

But doctors and nurses on NGH’s Gosset ward helped the baby back to health over the course of five weeks, and staff comforted Theresa and Ashley through his treatment.

Harrison is now healthy enough to be back home with his mum and dad.

Theresa said: “When we hit 31 weeks and my waters burst, we didn’t really know what to expect.

“I’d lost so many that I could only think of a birth happening or not. I just couldn’t get my head around an in-between option.

“But the staff on Gosset were fantastic and helped us through the medical and emotional side.”

Theresa suffers from two clotting disorders which make her blood dangerously thick when she is pregnant and this led to the earlier miscarriages.

Now, after having two children, Theresa has organised an online auction in aid of Gosset ward, which is funded by the hospital for essentials but has to raise funds for extra medical kit.

The auction can be found by logging on to Facebook and searching ‘fundraising for SCBU Northampton’.

They currently have 43 lots from Silverstone circuit, various hair salons and the Cobblers and have so far received more than £500 in bids.

Theresa said: “Some parents forget about these wonderful people in all the chaos but I don’t want to forget them.

“I wouldn’t have these two children if it wasn’t for them.

“It has given me the opportunity to give something back to them.”