The Northampton mum who is planning to travel the world with daughter in tow

Have you ever thought of upping sticks to sunnier climes for a better quality of life? That's what Northampton-born Chanel Morales and her eight-year-old daughter plan to do.

Friday, 29th June 2018, 6:14 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 4:57 pm
Last month the travelling duo took a six-week trip to Madrid and Majorca before they jet set around the world in July.

After being made redundant from her marketing job last June the mum-of-one thought it was time to jack it all in and become her own boss instead.

The 28-year-old, who gave up her rented house in March, is flying to Boston with her daughter Nyneave, for a three-month road trip, stopping in Los Angeles, before heading to Hawaii, Sydney and Asia.

Chanel now works as a social media freelancer and doesn't need to meet with her clients face-to-face, which gives her the time to travel freely and work from 'home'.

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The pair pictured outside Parque del Buen Retiro in Madrid.

She said: "Why am I still paying council tax when I could be on a beach in Thailand? I could be paying pennies in rent and I thought: ‘my life could be better’.

"My goal is to support the message that you don't have to settle for life if you're not happy. There is other ways to get the life you want for you and your family."

Driven by a desire to discover new countries, the big trip has always been a dream of Chanel's who is teaching Nyneave while on the road - a nomadic trend known as 'world-schooling'.

Chanel believes this way of learning will work better for her daughter as she suffers from dyslexia.

Nyneave (left) pictured with the Workaway family who she and Chanel stayed with on their holiday to Madrid last month.

"The current education system focuses on passing exams and I feel this doesn't benefit children when they go out into the real world. World-schooling gives children the freedom to learn about what they are interested in and to develop skills in areas they are passionate about," she adds.

"All children are unique and teaching all children the same things, in the same way, isn't the best way for them to learn. Children are naturally curious and love learning but often don't like school.

"Surely this shows something isn't right. Nyneave also has dyslexia and so doing things one-to-one with me and watching videos too, learn works much better for her."

Can this be done on a budget? She seems to think so. With a monthly income rolling in as she sofa-surfs with family and friends abroad for one year - on the surface money doesn't seem to be a problem.

The mum-turn-home-school teacher is fitting in world-schooling for the eight-year-old around their busy travelling schedule.

By using the Workaway website, Chanel and Nyneave are staying for free, with a single mum and her daughter for five nights in New York, in return for some help around the house.

"It's exciting for me. A lot of people keep asking me: 'are you scared'? 'Are you nervous?'

"I don't feel that fear of the world - I find it really exciting. I have not had any bad experiences. When I travel I find that a lot of people would help me."

The Mounts mum will be documenting her journey, including how she set up a business, as well as home-education and travel online at