Northampton mum supports campaign after crucial surgery

Kirsty Elmore with one of her children
Kirsty Elmore with one of her children

A Northampton woman who took part in a video campaign after having an operation to prevent cancer has reached almost 10,000 views in less than a week.

Mother-of-two, Kirsty Elmore from Overstone, posted her Smear for Smear video online shortly before having an operation to remove the majority of her cervix this week.

The procedure came after a routine smear test revealed a high amount of pre-cancerous cells had been absorbed. If it is not successful, she could be unable to have more children.

The 29-year-old said: “I caught it early because I went for a test, even though my las t one was fine.

“But one in three women don’t take up their invitation to get one, even though it could save your life. The official invitation age in the UK is 25, but cervical cancer can affect even younger women.

“I’ve been overwhelmed to see how many people have seen my video.”

The Smear for Smear campaign, by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust is asking women to post videos of themselves smearing lipstick across their faces. For more information, visit: