Northampton mum’s diet dream comes true

Sharon Hiles  after losing 11 stone
Sharon Hiles after losing 11 stone

Sharon Hiles before and after her diet success

Sharon Hiles lost 11 stone after she joined Slimming World, having been sent by her doctor to hospital when she complained of chest pains.

A nurse reassured her that she had not had a heart attack, the pain was from an infection, but advised her to lose some weight.

Helped by her mum and aunt, Sharon decided to join Slimming World setting a target of losing half a stone at a time.

Sharon had piled on the pounds after having her first two babies and then became an emotional eater, eating for comfort.

She avoided air travel because she feared she might not fit in the plane seats and she would only go swimming if forced to by her children.

After joining Slimming World Sharon said her confidence grew helped by other members’ experiences.

She said: “Every week it got a little easier to walk into my local group - I loved the support from fellow members who would share recipes and meal ideas.

“I found it so inspiring to hear about others losing weight that sometimes even I would chip in with ideas to my own amazement.”

Losing the weight has also helped her cope with complications left by a serious leg injury she suffered when run over as a teenager.

Sharon reached her target weight in December 2015 and confesses she is a much happier person: “I’m so grateful to Slimming World. It has completely changed mine and my family’s life.

“We had a lovely holiday in Tenerife, the swelling in my leg is minimal with less pain.

“Now I walk everyday and go to the gym and I’m teaching my children to eat healthily.” 

Her starting weight in November 2011 was 21st 6lbs and her target weight of 9st 13 lbs was achieved in December last year.

Her top tips include:

1 Anything is possible if you believe you can do it’ you will with Slimming World

2 Staying to your group for inspiration really is life changing. I still attend my group as a member as they really are like my second family. I couldn’t have got this far without them and my families

3 Vary what you eat and plan your meals in advance.

Sharon’s success has now inspired her to be a Slimming World consultant too for the group which meets at St Matthew’s Church Parish Centre, in Kingsley, Northampton.