Northampton mum captures unborn baby's heartbeat in a teddy bear for away-from-home dad

Flo Berry and Lottie
Flo Berry and Lottie

A mum-to-be from Northampton found the "paw-fect" way to make sure her husband heard the sound of their unborn baby daughter's heartbeat.

"Flo Berry recorded the heartbeat onto a chip inside a teddy bear during a routine NHS scan and sent a video of it to her husband Ian, who was away from home, training to be a stonemason.

Flo Berry and Lottie

Flo Berry and Lottie

And now the couple's daughter Lottie has been safely born, they use the heartbeat sound to help soothe her to sleep.

The heartbeat bear came from North Wales company, Be My Bear, which has supplied Harrods, Selfrdges, Butlins, X-Factor, The Apprentice and Hollyoaks.

Flo, who is a maternity blogger and primary school teacher, said: “I had heard about the Heartbeat bears and thought they would be perfect, as my husband Neil was away training at Moulton College - he’s just swapped careers from being a physiotherapist’s assistant.

“I bought the bear and the recording chip and took it into my NHS scan: my midwife was very supportive of the idea. When she used the fetal doppler machine to listen to my baby’s heartbeat, I recorded the sound - the recorder was very easy to use.

Picture: BeMyBear

Picture: BeMyBear

“I then put the chip into the bear and made a little video for my husband, which I sent to him on email to listen to - he was so happy to hear it.

“I’ve also put the video on my Instagram account and everybody just loved the idea, and it’s been shared across social media. The page is all about life as a new mum so there are a lot of other new parents who are following my posts.”

Baby Lottie Rose Berry arrived on June 21 - two weeks early - and fortunately dad Neil was at home to be there for the birth.

Flo added: “Lottie weighed 6lb and 4oz, and is now doing very well, despite being early. However, my husband is still away for part of the week, as he’s been working on Worcester Cathedral since Lottie was two weeks old, so I use the heartbeat to help settle her.

“She obviously recognises the sound of the heartbeat as she moves her head to listen and it does help soothe her - as a new mum who’s coping alone that is a real help. I am recommending it to all the mums-to-be that I meet.”

Be My Bear say there is growing interest from parents for its new product. The sound of a baby’s heartbeat in the womb, taken during routine ultrasound scans, is captured on a chip inside the bear.

The recording is played by pressing a heart button on the teddy bear, which the parents-to-be take home to treasure and also share with family and friends.

Once the baby is born, the cuddly toy’s heartbeat recording can also be used to help soothe the infant to sleep.

The heartbeat bears are also helping grieving parents whose babies tragically do not survive birth.

Be My Bear’s business endeavours are being supported by Colwyn Business Improvement District (BID), which is aiming to revitalise the area.

Anna Openshaw, project manager of Colwyn BID, said: “Be My Bear is a terrific company that has thrived and flourished during its 16-year history and it continues to innovate.

“Such a well-respected business provides a welcome boost to the region and we are confident that Be My Bear will continue to go from strength to strength.”

Be My Bear director Pippa said: “We are really excited about our heartbeat bears and are getting some terrific feedback from the scanning clinics across the UK that are purchasing our products.There is a huge market out there, as yet untapped.