Northampton MPs to vote in favour of air strikes on Syria after stating ‘we cannot outsource our defence to other countries’

Northampton North MP Michael Ellis.
Northampton North MP Michael Ellis.

Bombing raids on Isis in Syria targets is the only way to begin combatting a “medieval and barbaric” regime according to Northampton North MP Michael Ellis, who says he will vote in favour of the Prime Minister’s plans.

A one-day Commons debate and vote is set to take place in Parliament tomorrow, which will see MPs decide whether the UK begins a campaign of air strikes against so-called Islamic State (IS) in Syria.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn strongly opposes the plans, but has granted his MPs a free vote on the matter after many of his senior level politicians said they could side with the Prime Minister.

On the other hand Mr Cameron will have to convince a number of his own backbenchers to gain the majority he needs, after a Tory revolt prevented air strikes in Syria back in 2013.

However Northampton North MP Michael Ellis said that he will be voting for air strikes tomorrow.

He said: “I do support the strikes. I have listened very carefully the Prime Minster’s statement, he has already given a very powerful speech on the matter.

“In my view we cannot outsource our defence to other countries. We are already under attack from Daesh (IS).

“Security services have already foiled seven attacks on home soil in he past 12 months.

“There is no reason why we should wait for an longer.”

Early indicators suggest Mr Cameron will get the majority backing for air strikes in Syria.

However critics of strikes, including former Labour Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, believe RAF raids on Syria will prove ineffective and believe it will leave the UK vulnerable to acts of terrorism.

Mr Livingstone told BBC Four’s Today program that bombing “doesn’t actually win you a war” and that “boots on the ground” from a broad coalition of UN forces would be required to defeat IS.

However Mr Ellis said he believes air strikes will “degrade” Islamic State’s capabilities.

He said: “It will be effective to those who are on the receiving end of the strikes.

“What it does is reduce their capabilities, not to zero, but it reduces their ability to launch attacks both in the region and externally.

“We are striking in Irag already and Daesh are crossing that border with impunity, they don’t recognise these borders.

“They are a medieval, barbaric regime who have killed more Muslim people than anyone else and we have to act.”

Northampton South MP David Mackintosh joined Mr Ellis in giving his support to start bombing raids.

“The terrible events in Paris and earlier this year in Tunisia and Sharm el-Sheikh have demonstrated the scale of the threat that we face from ISIL.

“Earlier today I attended a security briefing with the Defence, Foreign, International Development and Home Secretaries to find out the security situation we face and I have now decided to support the Prime Minister’s position in Parliament tomorrow and extend the air strikes to Syria.

“The RAF is already carrying out airstrikes against ISIL targets in support of Iraqi forces on the ground, which is helping to push ISIL out of parts of Iraq but we need to go further to protect our own national security and destroy ISIL,” he added.