Northampton MP says Labour party is a “shambles” after leadership election

David Mackintosh MP feature  at Parliament, London. NNL-151109-092743009
David Mackintosh MP feature at Parliament, London. NNL-151109-092743009

Conservative MP for Northampton south David Mackintosh has described the Labour party as a “divided shambles” after Jeremy Corbyn was elected as leader.

Mr Mackintosh, who was elected as an MP in May, said the Labour party had “nothing new to offer the country.”

He said: “I had hoped the Labour Party I had read about in the history books had been confined to them. Labour now has a leader who does not command the support of the Parliamentary Labour Party, and who reportedly entered the contest on a whim. The party is a divided shambles.

“The only thing they do agree on is more borrowing, more spending and more tax; the same policies that ruined our economy under the last Labour government and cost them at the last General Election.

“Labour supporters had a choice between the old left or the dregs of the Blair years. They had nothing new to offer their members, and nothing new to offer the country.”

Councillor Danielle Stone, Labour group leader on Northampton Borough Council, said she “fully respected” the result of the leadership election.

She said: “I congratulate Jeremy Corbyn on his great victory in the Labour Party Leadership contest. We are a democratic Party and we must now fully respect this result. Beyond doubt Jeremy has won a divisive victory today.

“Congratulations to Tom Watson as well in being elected our Deputy Leader. Tom visited Northampton as part of his Deputy Leader campaign and spoke to many local Labour Party members. We have had a great Leadership election over the last three months which has engaged many people in our town and beyond. It’s time to unite and win for Labour.

“The Tories are making deep cuts to public services and welfare so we must now move forward to secure a Labour victory in the General Election of 2020. Northampton and the wider country desperately need a Labour Government and a Labour Borough Council. We must strongly oppose Tory austerity.”