Northampton MP meets with leading Palestinians at parliament and echoes calls for ceasefire in Gaza

Kettering, Police & Crime Commissioner count: MP Michael Ellis.'16/11/12 ENGNNL00120121116181523
Kettering, Police & Crime Commissioner count: MP Michael Ellis.'16/11/12 ENGNNL00120121116181523

Northampton North MP Michael Ellis has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, echoing the UK Government and UN.

The Conservative MP recently returned to Parliament, during recess, to represent the views of Northampton people and appeal against the large-scale civilian deaths resulting from conflicts in the Middle East.

The MP arranged a meeting at the House of Commons with Haya Al Farra, second secretary at the Palestinian Diplomatic Mission in the UK to discuss how best to reach an unlimited ceasefire and lasting peace in Gaza.

Mr Ellis also organised a meeting at the Commons with the CEO of the Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) charity, Tony Laurance, and commended them for their “inspiring and brave work in extremely difficult circumstances” in helping victims of war in Palestinian territories.

Mr Ellis said: “I have been deeply concerned by the appalling loss of life and horrific scale of the conflict in the Gaza Strip in recent weeks.

“I therefore returned to Parliament from Northampton last week and organised two key meetings with senior figures.”

Around three years ago, Mr Ellis visited the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and East Jerusalem to meet leading Palestinian representatives.

He said: “This is a very long-standing conflict and there are very entrenched dividing lines, but what is truly awful is to see so many innocent people being caught up in horrific violence.

“The people of Gaza have a right to live in peace and Israelis have a right to live without the fear of rocket attacks every day.

“I have spoken with many constituents about this conflict and I have emphasised to all that Israel and the Palestinian Authorities in Gaza must adhere to what are called the “Quartet Principles”, namely: Israel must cease its building of settlements and must work towards peace; Hamas must recognise the state of Israel; Hamas must also renounce violence; and abide by previous diplomatic arrangements.

“These principles are supported by all the political parties in the UK and by most countries around the world.”