Northampton MP Mackintosh decides to back ‘In’ campaign following meeting with Prime Minister

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A Northampton MP has revealed which campaign he will be supporting in the EU referendum poll this summer.

David Mackintosh, the Northampton South MP, said on Monday he was still unsure whether he supported Brexit or whether he would side with the Prime Minister, who wants the country to stay in the European Union.

After talking with David Cameron, the former council leader said he has come to a decision and will support the PM.

In a statement issued just after he had met with Mr Cameron, Mr Mackintosh said: “I met with the Prime Minister at Number 10 Downing Street to discuss the details of the agreement he negotiated in Brussels last week.

“I am convinced that for our economic and national security, it is in the UK’s best interest to remain in the EU, and I will be voting to remain.”

On Monday, Mr Mackintosh had tweeted: “Pleased the PM has secured a deal in Brussels. I shall read the details carefully over the coming weeks and then decide how I intend to vote.”

The town’s other MP, Michael Ellis also said he would fight to stay in the EU.

Northamptonshire’s five other MPs have all said they’d rather the people of the UK voted to leave.