Northampton motorcyclist given parking ticket after ‘three minutes’ on double yellow line outside his house feels ‘victimised’ by council

Robert Masnica with his motorbike outside his house
Robert Masnica with his motorbike outside his house

A Northampton man who was given a parking ticket after he left his motorbike on double yellow lines outside his house for “three minutes” says he feels “victimised” by the county council.

Robert Masnica, who lives in Margaret Street, The Mounts, has been in dispute with the local highways authority since May 2015 after he received a letter informing him he had been given a parking fine.

Mr Masnica said he always keeps his motorbike in the garage of his home, which is covered by double yellow lines. But when he takes the motorbike out, he briefly places it on the road in front of the garage while he goes back inside his property to lock up.

He said: “No more than three minutes had passed between the time I locked my garage and came back outside to see the parking officer writing me a ticket.”

Mr Masnica said he had wrote a letter to County Hall to explain, but his reasons were not accepted and the penalty was increased.

The council advised said he should have had a parking permit but he unsuccessfully argued that he only parks on the road for minutes at a time.

He said: “On this occasion, the other parking spaces were full, I have double yellow lines in front of my garage so this was the only option.”

After then taking his case to the independent adjudicator, Mr Masnica was told he had ‘no legal grounds for an appeal’.

Mr Masnica said: “I feel like I’ve been victimised by a stronger power.

“This has not ever been a problem for the seven years prior or since I was issued this, and would like to know what the public say to the unreasonable actions taken.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said Mr Masnica had been given 28 days to pay the £70 fine.

The spokesman said: “There is an appeals process to follow if anyone disputes a decision on the issuing of a penalty charge notice.

“Ultimately this can be taken to a traffic penalty tribunal, which is based in Cheshire. Here independent adjudicators oversee appeals from across England and Wales.

“In this case the adjudicator found in favour of the issuing of the penalty charge notice by the county council.”