Northampton mosque holds memorial service to mark 20th anniversary of murder of 8,372 men and boys in Srebrenica


The 20th anniversary of the murder of 8,372 men and boys in Srebrenica will be marked with a memorial service in Northampton next week.

Srebrenica Memorial Day commemorates the victimes were systematically murdered in the small town in eastern Bosnia-Herzegovina in July 1995, during the Balkans conflict of 1992 - 1995.

Organised by volunteers belonging to the UK charity Remembering Srebrenica, the Northampton event will be held on July 10 at Northampton Central Mosque with a special Srebrenica Friday prayer sermon.

There will be national events held in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast leading up to the Europe-wide memorial day on July 11.

Remembering Srebrenica East Midlands Board chairman Inam Khan said: “I am proud of the dedication and hard work of our volunteers across the East Midlands region. Engaging with our local communities allows us to use the lessons from Srebrenica to challenge hatred and intolerance. This will help us to build a better, safer and more cohesive society.”

Remembering Srebrenica raises awareness of the genocide in the UK. It works with people across the country to help strengthen British society by learning the lessons of history. It organises UK memorial events and takes individuals from communities across the UK to Srebrenica to speak to survivors and families whose loved ones were killed. Following their experience, visitors pledge to take action in their communities with projects to help raise awareness in the UK of the genocide and its consequences, whilst helping to strengthen British society against the threats posed by hatred and intolerance.

Remembering Srebrenica Chairman Dr Waqar Azmi OBE said: “This year is the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Srebrenica – the single greatest atrocity committed on European soil since the Second World War and a brutal reminder of man’s inhumanity to man.

“We are grateful to our volunteers in our East Midlands region for their hard work. Their events will help to raise awareness of Srebrenica, whilst inspiring local people to tackle hatred, build stronger, more cohesive communities and ensure Srebrenica is never forgotten.”

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