Northampton man with GBH and murder convictions to be deported

Editorial image.
Editorial image.

A ‘potentially dangerous’ Northampton man is to be deported back to Lithuania after a database check revealed he had previous convictions for GBH and murder.

Vytautas Siaulys, of St Leonard’s Road, Far Cotton, Northampton, is soon to be flown back to the Eastern European country after being arrested in March for a relatively minor offence.

Officers initially picked up the 38-year-old on suspicion of handling stolen goods, but when they carried out a foreign conviction check through the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Criminal Records Office (ACRO) it revealed the 38-year-old had previously spent time in prison for GBH and murder.

Though police took no further action for the stolen goods offence, the past crimes were deemed so severe it led to police taking out a successful deportation order against the man.

Sergeant Matt Bailey from Northamptonshire Police led the case.

He said: “This was a normal arrest for a relatively minor offence, that wouldn’t ordinarily send any warning flags.

“With any arrest of a British national, we would routinely do a check on the Police National Computer (PNC), however, foreign nationals do not normally appear on PNC therefore any history of arrest in another country would not necessarily come up.

“This prompted an ACRO check which is routine and, surprisingly, it came back with two serious convictions in Lithuania.

“Identifying this information and the following arrest is a good result for us and removes a potentially dangerous person from the community.”

Siaulys had previously been sentenced to two-and-a-half years for GBH and eight years for murder in Lithuania.

He was finally arrested on Wednesday, June 2 and is being held in detention pending his deportation from the UK.