Northampton man single-handedly clears snowdrift that left three cars abandoned

A Northampton man has voluntarily spent five hours shifting snow from a road to help release three abandoned cars.

Saturday, 3rd March 2018, 1:35 pm
Updated Saturday, 3rd March 2018, 4:39 pm
Tim Stevens spent five hours this morning clearing a snowy Northampton road.

Yesterday snow drifts had left roads around Northampton impassable with motorists having to abandon their cars. Among them, the narrow road between Denton and Whiston had been hit so badly by Storm Emma, as a result, a blanket of snow had left cars buried.

But this morning (March 3), in a five-hour effort to shift snow from Denton to Whiston, Tim Stevens, 52, took it upon himself to borrow a friend's machine and voluntarily clear the road.

He said: "I needed to clear our drive as we have been snowed in for three days - with metre-high snowdrifts up our drive - so I thought I would also like to help out and clear the road so that others can start to get through, and so those three stranded cars can be recovered."

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Tim Stevens has today managed to shift this deep snow.

The Denton man hired the machine from his friend, and local farmer, Mark Arrowsmith and released the three stranded cars, which were left on the road yesterday.

He added: "Then I went through Chadstone and Castle Ashby to clear the other side of the road, and while I was there, I helped some of our friends clear their driveways.

"Someone had to do something so I was happy to help."

Tim Stevens has today managed to shift this deep snow.