Northampton man’s rubbish hashtag is collecting followers

Alexis Taylor's #100daysofrubbish project has gone well beyond its originally intended length - because the fly-tippers keep coming.
Alexis Taylor's #100daysofrubbish project has gone well beyond its originally intended length - because the fly-tippers keep coming.

A Northampton man’s bid to document fly-tipping outside his house over 100 days is still going more than 500 days later - because the rubbish just keeps coming.

Design lecturer Alexis Taylor first started snapping the detritus left on the street outside his house on the corner of Hervey Street and Hunter Street in the summer of 2014.

But when a tipper left a velour sofa, which had been neatly shrink-wrapped in clingfilm, outside his house, it prompted Mr Taylor to launch a hashtag via his Instagram page called #100daysofrubbish.

The lecturer at the University of Northampton, decided to take a photo every time someone dumped items outside his home for the next 100 days in a bid to raise awareness about the issue.

But 540 days later he is still taking photos - as the problem has not gone away.

“It started as a bit of fun,” said dad-of-one Mr Taylor, “I was going to make a calender of all the interesting tat that was left on my doorstep.

“It has now got quite a lot of followers on Instagram who are posting their own pictures of rubbish. It was only meant to be for 100 days, but because the rubbish kept coming I just kept taking photos.”

Mr Taylor believes the tipping has gotten worse since Enterprise, the company which carries out bin collections on behalf of Northampton Borough Council, began its strict enforcement of the two-bag collection policy in June 2015.

He has sent several of the pictures to the borough council and says that the rubbish is generally picked up within a few days by the authority’s street wardens.

But he say there needs to be more of a deterrent to stop people using the Mounts as a rubbish dump including more CCTV at flash points.

And as the area is home to a number of students and people on short-term leases, he believes the only way to stop the street being covered in black bin liners after collection days is to introduce wheelie bins across the town.

“I have lived in the Mounts for 15 years, but it has never been as bad as the last two.

“At the moment there are an awful lot of mattresses out there.

“The two bin bag rule would work fantastically - if we all had a nice new wheelie bin to put it in.”

To see Mr Taylor’s #100daysofrubbish follow him on Instagram via ‘captainalexis’.