Northampton man’s £10,000 year-long challenge in memory of mum


Tom Evans, who lives in Queens Park, decided to take stock of his life after he felt he had become stuck in a rut.

On New Year’s Eve 2011 he lost his mum to cancer, five years later Tom realised he had to make a dramatic change to improve his well-being.

Tom said: “I was very unhappy with my life - I was stuck in a rut, living at home again, with the feeling I was all alone, not going anywhere in life.

“I needed to sort my life out.

“So I sat myself down and thought of what I could do to make myself happier and healthier.

“First of all I needed for a goal, a challenge, and a reason to wake up in the morning.

“I liked running, but with the hustle and bustle of life I had made excuse after excuse not to make time for it - without a goal I would make the same excuses.

“So I thought I could do something epic to raise money for Cancer Research UK to help aid in the early detection and better treatment of cancer.

“It had to be a big challenge that would inspire people to donate.

“I decided to give up a whole year of my life to raise money for CRUK.”

“Although it would mean giving up the multitude of weekly nights out with friends, no holidays, no parties, hardly any time for myself, I was determined.”

The 30-year-old decided he would spend 2017 taking part in charity events to raise money, as well as running a total of 100 miles per month, before or after work.

Calling it the Catbear Cancer Charity Challenge, after a nickname acquired as a student, Tom is now in the tenth month of his challenge.

Tom has already completed 44 charity events, including a 5k run in Canada, 10k in Greenwich, Nutfreezer Ram Run in Warwickshire, Muscle Acre Winter Warmer in Guilford, Brutal Men’s 10k in Greenham, white collar Boxing event in Northampton and cross country in Essex.

Tom added: “I am happier and healthier then I have been in a long time, and have raised a £7,566 so far.”

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