Northampton man drowned himself in canal

A Northampton man was found dead in a county canal by a boat owner.

Anthony Marlow died aged 63 in Yelvertoft marina near to West Haddon Road on September 21 2012.

An inquest yesterday heard Mr Marlow was suffering from depression and had previously taken an overdose.

His neighbour, Dave Hensey, found a suicide note written by Mr Marlow pinned to the front door of Mr Marlow’s home in Brookside Close, Yelvertoft.

Mr Hensey said: “I don’t know why he was depressed and he never mentioned taking his own life.”

The court heard Mr Hensey and Mr Marlow had known each other for 18 months and Mr Hensey and his wife supported Mr Marlow after he took an overdose.

Mr Hensey said Mr Marlow had a passion for motor racing cars.

County coroner Anne Pember recorded a verdict of suicide.