Northampton man is behind idea to create balloon of London mayor to rival 'Trump baby' blimp that's set to fly at weekend protest in capital

A Northampton man's crowdfunding efforts to produce a blimp of the Mayor of London to rival a similar creation of Donald Trump is close to reaching its target.

Monday, 9th July 2018, 6:15 pm
Updated Tuesday, 17th July 2018, 6:44 pm
Yanny Bruere has set up a crowdfunding page to make a 'Baby Khan' blimp to rival the already created 'Baby Trump' balloon set to fly at this weekend's protest in London against the President's visit to the UK.

The President of the United States is visiting the UK this weekend and in response to his trip protesters have arranged to stage a demonstration, which will be accompanied by a 'Trump baby' blimp made thanks to a crowdfunding effort.

But Northampton-born Yanny Bruere, the former manager of the Magic Bean Emporium on St Giles St, has come up with his own idea in response to the 'Trump baby' being granted approval to take to the skies by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

"I was annoyed at Sadiq Khan's willingness to insult the most powerful man in the world by approving the inflatable baby blimp," said Mr Bruere, who works as a sales development rep in Barcelona.

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"So I wanted to address the issue of freedom of speech in a funny way."

"I can't see why it wouldn't be approved," he added.

"If you are willing to submit the humiliation of a world leader then, for the sake of freedom of speech, he has to sacrifice himself.

"He is for freedom of speech so he's going to have to approve his own 'Baby Khan' blimp himself.

"That's what made me laugh - the fact he would have to approve it.

"He's backed himself into a corner. He either has to accept it and see a baby version of himself flying above London, or he has to deny freedom of speech."

Mr Bruere launched his crowdfund last Thursday and in five days it has raised more money than its rival, which has been running for close to a month.

The Northamptonian doesn't think the backing received for the project has come just from freedom of speech campaigners.

He believes support for the London mayor is at a low ebb as a result of crime in the capital and Mr Khan going "beyond his remit".

"I definitely think there's a lot of appetite to see this up," said Mr Bruere.

"Sadiq Khan is massively unpopular in London and the UK because he thinks he speaks for the country - he doesn't represent the UK.

"He shouldn't interfere when crime is so high in London - he should focus on making London safe.

"He doesn't get to say who is welcome to the UK, he's not a spokesperson for the UK, that's not his elected role - it's beyond his remit."

He added: "I think America is a special ally to the UK and I don't think it ['Trump baby'] represents the country's feeling towards Trump.

"He's more welcome than Sadiq Khan. I'm not necessarily a big fan of Trump but he's welcome to the UK."

The Khan blimp is unlikely to take flight in time for this weekend's anti-Trump protests in the capital but Mr Bruere hopes to have it ready in time for the 'Make London Safe Again' rally he is organising, due to be held on Whitehall in "the next few weeks".

The money raised from the crowdfunding will go towards the production of the blimp and costs to organise the rally.

The Mayor of London has been contacted for comment.