Northampton make-up artist says ‘naked’ selfies are a good idea

Aimee Garner
Aimee Garner

A make-up artist from Northampton says she believes the ‘naked’ selfies posted by women on social media are a good idea and are helping to raise money for Cancer Research.

Public opinion has been divided on the “no make-up” selfie craze sweeping Facebook and Twitter with some people saying they are “narcissistic” and criticised the similarity to the controversial “Neknomination” game.

However, many people have spoken out in favour of the campaign which has now raised £2 million for Cancer Research.

Aimee Garner, a make-up artist based in Northampton town centre, she believed that any awareness of cancer was a good thing.

She said: “When I started seeing these no make-up selfies appearing on my Facebook I was confused as to what it was for until I saw the hash-tag #breastcancerawareness. After that it didn’t even cross my mind to then think how? or why?

“I just thought what a simple way of getting the word out there…it’s free, you don’t have to run a marathon and people feel like they are actually helping the cause. I certainly wouldn’t have texted BEAT to 70099 if it hadn’t been for the no make-up selfies, and I’m sure I’m not alone.”

Ms Garner said she believed that people who were negative about the cause did not understand the concept.

She said: “I have been touched by cancer so many different ways in my life and I truly believe that any awareness raised, no matter how crazy/stupid or ridiculous if its got people to donate and get talking about it then it’s doing some good.

“I also think that if you had all spent half the time it took you to post your status’ and text BEAT to 70099 then you might feel slightly differently about the whole situation.

“The fact it is women going without make-up I think is a great idea, ladies together being strong and showing support. It’s not about being ‘brave’ because you’re not wearing make-up or posing to get 100 likes or whatever, it has got people talking and if that gets even just one person to get a lump/bump checked out (I’m talking about any type of cancer) then it’s done its job.

The ‘no make-up selfie’ campaign has now been followed up by men wearing make-up, sellotape selfies and appeal to raise money for testicular cancer.

To read Aimee’s full blog go to her website To donate to Cancer Research text BEAT to 70099.