Northampton magician wows the locals as he takes his tricks all over Europe

A Northampton magician has been touring around Europe this summer in order to take his tricks to the streets and give the public an insight into his travels.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 4:38 pm
Sean Heydon performing at the gaming convention in Amsterdam. Photo: Sean Heydon

Sean Heydon's adventures so far have taken him to Santorini and Amsterdam, which can be seen on his Facebook page, with trips to Valencia, Malta and Lisbon all coming up.

Each visit has had a gig at the end of it but Sean has been making a bit more of each one by using whatever was around to make up new magic tricks and keep testing himself.

"What's so brilliant is I've had magic as a hobby since I was six so what's great is to challenge myself, so not just to do things in my repertoire and in gigs," he said.

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Sean Heydon performing at the gaming convention in Amsterdam. Photo: Sean Heydon

"So I thought I would see what I can use from the environment around me like a bucket on the beach in Santorini or cigarettes in Amsterdam.

"It's all about challenging yourself to do new tricks that fit the environment."

The idea all came from another social media show Sean does with fellow Northampton magician David Penn where they critique magic tricks, called Wizard Product Review.

"We already had that audience so I thought it would be nice for them to see what magicians do and get insight into our world," he said.

Sean Heydon and partner Melinda Williams in Santorini. Photo: Sean Heydon

Sean's girlfriend Melinda Williams has been accompanying him on his trips to operate the camera and edit the videos to be put out on his Facebook page.

The first trip to Greece coincided with a booking for a wedding, so they went around the town trying out new tricks and finding locals to entertain.

"I love it, it's an absolute passion. One of the highlights so far was in Amsterdam, I had a challenge to make someone fly which I managed to do which is at the end of the episode," he said.

To check out Sean's adventures, head to his Facebook page, Sean Heydon Magician.

Sean and Melinda on their travels. Photo: Sean Heydon