Northampton girl raises over £200 for cancer charity in memory of late father

Dixie Collett.
Dixie Collett.

A nine-year-girl from Northampton has fundraised £268 for Cancer Research UK after her dad passed away before she was born.

Dixie Collett from Southfields took part in a five-lap sponsored walk around her local park on Saturday, August 5 after a neighbour encouraged her to get involved.

She fundraised for her late father, Alasdair Collett, 31, who passed away after suffering from lung cancer back in 2007.

Proud mum-of-one, Nicola said Dixie was over the moon when she realised how much money she raised.

She said: "I took the sponsor forms into work and when I added them up she was so chuffed.

"When Alasdair first got ill, I still worked for Nationwide, people who sponsored her know what I went through years ago."