Northampton General Hospital chief executive resigns

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Northampton General Hospital has confirmed its chief executive has resigned, just hours after news emerged of talks between NGH and KGH over a possible merger.

Dr Gerry McSorley informed staff yesterday that he will leave in March and a resignation letter is circulating on the internet.

It reads:

Dear Colleague

Personal note

The announcement today of the establishment of partnership talks with Kettering General Hospital is both desirable and essential for the future of Northamptonshire’s hospitals. I am hugely supportive of these talks and have contributed with colleagues to bringing them about over these past months. I have been struck by the enhanced potential for our hospitals to face the challenges ahead if we work in partnership to consider all options both up to and including a full merger of the Trusts.

For me though I have had to make a difficult personal decision on the future. As a Chief Executive I feel that almost my entire senior career has been engaged in similar processes of significant partnership working leading to pre-merger and then to full merger with other hospitals. In my last post before joining NGH I was also involved in the transfer of Hinchingbrooke Hospital to the private sector. When I came to NGH it was with the hope that I would be able to concentrate my efforts on one place without the prospect of doing this all over again. But as I have said, I think that it is both desirable and essential for the hospitals to undertake this work. However, as a result, I have made the decision to leave my post as CEO at NGH at the beginning of March. I am doing so in clear knowledge of the process involved and not the outcome. I do so with sadness as this was not my plan when I came to NGH but believe this to be the right decision for me, and that the partnership talks are the right decision for both hospitals.

I am very grateful for the support of my colleagues in understanding this difficult decision and for their generosity in supporting me in my time here.