Northampton father 'at a loss for words' after police say they will not investigate two cars written off outside his home

A Northampton man says he "is at a loss for words" over why police will not charge a driver who crashed into and wrecked two of his family's cars.

Thursday, 5th July 2018, 7:02 pm
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:40 pm
Mark Taylor says his family's cars were written off outside his home - but police will not investigate.

Mark Taylor was at home on Boughton Green Road on Wednesday night (July 4) when he heard "an almighty bang" caused by a passing car crashing into the back of his daughter's parked Kia Picanto, which in turn shunted his Skoda Octavia.

When he came outside, the driver had failed to stop and was gone.

Mark said: "I told the police I thought this was a really cut-and-dry case of failing to stop,

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The driver hit the blue Kia so hard it shunted the Octavia in front of it. The driver then left the scene.

But overnight, the driver returned to the scene of the crash - and left his contact and insurance details under Mark's windscreen wiper.

Mark rang the police again to update them. But he was told the driver's return meant there was nothing else for them to do.

He said: "They told me as long as the driver came back within 24 hours and no one was hurt then it was for the insurance to deal with.

"Words fail me. You mean to tell me that, for example, someone can cause a crash or cause untold damage, but as long as they come back within 24 hours they won't be prosecuted?

"They're not going to do anything."

Mark now wants more to be done to kill speed on Boughton Green Road.

It comes after two teenage cyclists were hospitalised in a serious car crash in March.

Mark said: "All we need is a speed camera. What's it going to take to get traffic slowed on this road? One day, someone is going to get killed."

Northamptonshire Police say if details are exchanged in a damage-only car crash, "there is no need to report it" and the police will not investigate it.