Northampton family launch appeal for bone marrow donors to help nine-month-old baby Joey

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The parents of a nine-month-old boy from Northampton have launched a national appeal to get people to sign up as bone marrow donors to help cure their son of a rare blood disorder.

Joey Ziadi, of Northampton, was diagnosed in February with Diamond-Blackfan anaemia (DBA), a blood condition that affects only 800 people in the world.

DBA patients fail to produce red blood cells properly and Joey’s parents Kaisha Morris, aged 35, and Andrew Ziadi, aged 34, have been told that he will need a bone marrow transplant to cure him of the disease.

Unfortunately, Joey’s four-year-old sister Isabella is not a match so the family has turned to the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register for help.

The family are now appealing for more people to sign up to the charity’s bone marrow register, which matches potential donors to patients in need of a transplant.

Ms Morris said: “We live in uncertainty, never quite knowing what the next blood test will show, and we’ve been told there’s a risk it could turn into leukaemia.

“Blood transfusions will only ever be a short-term fix for Joey, and his only hope of a long-term cure is a transplant,” she added.

Ms Morris decided to launch her nationwide appeal for bone marrow donors after a Facebook campaign by the Chronicle & Echo resulted in her being given a new pushchair to replace the one she left in Abington Park.

She said: “The response was overwhelming – I just wasn’t ready for such a reaction. So many people were offering to donate prams, join the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register or donate to the charity. It showed how much support we could potentially have, it was so motivating to know we’re not alone.’

To join the Anthony Nolan register, you must be aged between 16 and 30, and be in general good health. For more information go to