Northampton duo launch high-end bamboo underwear firm to make men feel 'special'

Pals, Sam Astel and Lee Jeyes
Pals, Sam Astel and Lee Jeyes

A business partnership from Northampton has started up a handcrafted boxer-short company in a bid to bring back traditionally made British undergarments, as they claim a lot of pants are now mass produced.

Sam Astle of Whitehills and Lee Jeyes, formerly of Northampton but now resides in Canada, launched Aubrey & Oakes on March 20 to reintroduce men to goods made out of bamboo material.

Photo by: Joe McKenzie, JWM Productions.

Photo by: Joe McKenzie, JWM Productions.

Sam said: "We produce premium bamboo underwear that is all handcrafted right here in the UK. Aubrey & Oakes was first established when I was unable to source a luxury pair of underwear that wasn't either, mass produced in the Far East, manufactured from a very poor, very cheap quality fabric."

The entrepreneur boasts the fabric is environmentally friendly, anti-static and "thermo-controlled".

"Most importantly, I couldn't find a pair that made men feel superior or special when they put them on.

"There wasn't a brand that distinguished themselves from the mass consumer market for producing men's underwear."

Sam used to run a shop in Gold Street Mews and has always taken an interest in men's fashion.

Now he has decided to start up a crowdfunding page to urge underwear-lovers to pledge as much as they can to help the pair achieve their £52,000 goal.

All underwear is made at a family-run factory in Leicester and can be bought from the website (below) from £25.

To donate: Aubrey & Oakes