Northampton couple who met on a blind date during second world war celebrates 70 years of marriage

A husband and wife, both born and bred in Northampton, have celebrated their Platinum Wedding Anniversary after 70 years of happy matrimony.

Thursday, 1st June 2017, 5:57 pm
Updated Sunday, 4th June 2017, 9:50 pm
Jean and Ron Willett have celebrated 70 years of marriage.

Jean, 88, and Ron Willett, 89, of East Hunsbury first met on a blind date in the Drapery in 1946 before taking a trip to the "pictures" to watch Gregory Peck in Spellbound and admit they have "never looked back."

One year on and the pair - Jean,17, and Ron,19, tied the knot at the Guildhall on May 24, 1947, with only 12 guests, "not a grand affair as it happened during the rationing period after the second world war," they say.

Ron said: "We have gelled together right from the word go.

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Jean and Ron snapped on their wedding day.

"Three children is a thing that makes a marriage last. We are very proud of all three of them, they have all achieved and they have all worked hard."

Both Jean and Ron were born in Kingsthorpe back in the 1920's with Jean's aunt only living two doors away from Des O'Connor when he was evacuated from London.

Growing up, the now mum-of-three, took a job as a junior office worker in 1943 at the Fire Guard HQ in Abington Street and Ron became a lorry 'drivers mate' at J S Owen in Grafton Street before joining the Merchant Navy at 16 years old in 1944.

Looking to improve "their lot", they moved to Bicester in Oxfordshire later in 1947 and have now welcomed five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren into the world.

Jean and Ron are celebrating their Platinum Anniversary.

"Dad tried a number of jobs but became a successful production supervisor at the British Leyland car plant in Cowley, Oxford, before returning to Northampton in 1987," Mike - the couple's son - said.

"During her time in Bicester, mum was a 'stay at home mum' and gave birth to three children, myself and two younger sisters."

On asking what advice Jean and Ron would give to newlyweds, they said: "Think sensibly when you buy things, don't expect to get everything all at once.

"By the time it's paid off, it's worn out. Try to avoid debt, buy one thing at once."

Jean and Ron snapped on their wedding day.

The couple is set to celebrate Ron's 90th birthday this year with a party.

Jean and Ron are celebrating their Platinum Anniversary.