Northampton couple name baby after 999 paramedic who delivered her

Daughter Holly was delivered by paramedic Chole NNL-150912-151809009
Daughter Holly was delivered by paramedic Chole NNL-150912-151809009

A baby who was unexpectedly delivered in Northamptonshire has been named after the paramedic who came to the rescue.

Chrissy Lane, aged 25, was 41 weeks pregnant when she experienced a worrying bleed. Husband Tom spoke to her midwife who advised him to call 999 and get Chrissy to hospital.

Paramedic Chloe Civil, 28 from Grange Park arrived shortly after and instantly realised Chrissy was about to give birth.

Around 10 minutes later, the Lanes’s second child was born still inside the birth sac.

Fortunately, under the close supervision of the paramedic, the baby was fine. So grateful were Chrissy and Tom that they decided to give their new daughter, Holly, the middle name Chloe in tribute.

Chrissy said: “We hadn’t considered the name before but wanted her to have a constant reminder of the lady who welcomed her into the world.”

Despite being in the ambulance service for eight years, paramedic Chloe had never delivered a baby by herself before. She said: “It was the end of a long night shift when the job came in.

“I soon realised that Chrissy was well into her labour when I arrived, I went into auto pilot and did what I had to do. When I saw the baby’s head I knew it was time, after a few pushes she was born.

“I was so overwhelmed and happy for the family.”

Chrissy and Tom wrote to East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) to say thank you for the ‘excellent care’ and revealed their name choice.

Chloe said: “I felt so humbled and appreciative.

“I just wanted to tell everybody.”