Northampton councillor fears St Edmund’s hospital site could be next target for arson

St Edmund's Hospital on Wellingborough Road.
St Edmund's Hospital on Wellingborough Road.

The St Crispin’s blaze has prompted further calls to see another problematic former hospital site in Northampton renovated.

With many residents fearing the fire near Duston was ‘inevitable’, attentions have turned to St Edmund’s hospital near the town centre, which has also been targeted by vandals on numerous 

Councillor for that area Danielle Stone (Lab, Castle) said: “I think the whole of St Edmunds should be properly secured now so people can’t enter the site.

“It’s outrageous, to be honest with you.

“There has already been a fire in an outbuilding there, it is a matter of time before we get something more serious.”

St Edmund’s Hospital on Wellingborough Road, which was once a workhouse in the 19th century, is owned by Cypriot company, Kayalef Holdings, and nearby residents have campaigned since 1999 to see the site renovated.

A spokesperson for Northampton Borough Council said it was working closely with ‘a developer’ to ‘transform the site into a care related facility’, it says. The council would not say who the developer was.

“We expect a planning application to be submitted in early autumn,” the spokesperson added.