Northampton Clown “spotted down a drain, on stage with Miley Cyrus and getting warnings from Ronald McDonald” as story goes worldwide

Northampton Clown — the internet sensation that has swept across the world in the last few days - has inspired dozens of creative photographs to be published on social media.

The clown, who has his own Facebook page, has prompted an incredible reaction on Twitter and Facebook and the story has now appeared on national newspaper websites, as well as television and radio shows.

Submitted picture

Submitted picture

The gallery above is a collection of some of the images that have appeared online over the last two days.

In his latest posting, the Northampton Clown said: “So glad there’s a picture from last night. I didn’t wear my clown shoes as they’ve got holes in them from all the drains i’ve been climbing into...I was in Abington yesterday before it rained but there seems to be no pictures so i weren’t spotted .

“I’m also “not” apart of Dr Fright’s Night for those interested but it seems to be promoting them and others which is great! I “haven’t” been knocking on houses and asking to paint window sills!? I may have to change my appearance as the actor in that ‘Local Clown’ film has the same costume as me.”

Not everyone is a fan of the clown, and he added: “If what i am doing does get too much for people, I will have to stop.”

The ‘Local Clown’ film is a reference to a YouTube video that appears to reveal the identity of the clown but it has not been confirmed. Many people on social media want the clown to remain anonymous.

The latest ‘official’ photograph of the clown in front of the Cobblers’ Last was posted on its Facebook page at about 11pm on Sunday with the message: “Beep Beep! Didn’t think i’d be seen tonight. Extremely quiet but there were a few of you who saw. See you all around.”

Thousands of people have been following the story on Twitter, using the hashtag #northamptonclown since the sightings began.

The hashtag was trending on Twitter on Sunday as more and more people tweeted about the clown.

So far the clown has been seen on St Michael’s Road and Cedar Road.