Northampton church launches credit union service to help turn borrowers into savers

St Alban's church, Northampton NNL-141208-180451001
St Alban's church, Northampton NNL-141208-180451001

A Northampton church is opening a credit union service point to offer local residents a way to save money.

St Alban’s Church, in Broadmead Avenue, Abington will launch the service on Friday, August 29,from 9am-noon with a coffee morning, and will be available on following Fridays.

Jill Dale, a lay pastoral minister, said: “We look to the community and see what we can do to reach out to them.

“Many people have money difficulties and can fall on hard times through no fault of their own.

“We want to discourage them from resorting to payday loans so, with this new credit union service, we will be offering visitors the opportunity to see where their money is going and to join the union for £5, of which £2 will go into their account.

“The aim is to turn borrowers into savers.”