Northampton catering company improves its food hygiene rating

Tino's Catering has had its food hygiene rating improved
Tino's Catering has had its food hygiene rating improved

A Northampton catering company has had its food hygiene rating boosted after an inspection last week.

Tino's Catering, in William Street, was visited by Northampton Borough Council food inspectors on February 19 and scored a three out of a possible five, an improvement on its previous rating of one.

Valentino Esposito, from Northampton, has run his catering company for two years. His products include sandwiches, baguettes, breakfast rolls, salads, pasta dishes and cakes, which he supplies to petrol stations and corner shops, among other clients.

He said the previous rating did not accurately reflect the state of his premises because his fridge had flooded the night before the inspectors arrived.

"It felt wrong at the time," said Mr Esposito, whose parents hail from southern Italy.

"I was in the middle of a catastrophe and they put more pressure on."

He added: "They came back in last Monday and said 'it's a lot better, we're much happier'."