Northampton casino says 30ft picture of semi-naked woman on church tower was “faked”

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A casino in Northampton criticised after publicising it projected a picture of a 30ft semi-naked woman onto All Saints Church in Northampton, now claims it never happened.

Aspers Casino issued a press release this morning stating the image appeared on the church tower on Saturday night to publicise its strip poker night on Valentine’s Day. The release was accompanied by a picture which the casino now says was produced using computer software.

Following the publication by the Chronicle & Echo, the story was picked up by national media. It was also criticised by the parish priest at All Saints Church who demanded an immediate apology.

Later this afternoon Aspers released a statement apologising to anyone who was offended.

“Naturally we are sorry if anyone was offended by this picture,” the statement said.

“However, Aspers can assure the Church of England and anyone concerned that no picture was ever projected on to All Saints Church.

“The picture currently on Twitter is entirely down to the modern miracles of computer wizadry through the use of the photo-shopping technology.

“We very much hope everyone will come and enjoy a lucky and tasteful Valentines Night with us at Aspers,” the statement added.

After the original story this morning, parish priest Father David McConkey told the Chronicle & Echo: “We are offended that this was done.

“No permission was sought or gained. We would be grateful for an apology for this misuse of a sacred space.”