Northampton cafe to have its licence reviewed after complaints about ‘loud’ music

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A licence review is due to be held of a business in Wellingborough Road, Northampton, that is registered as a cafe but council officers claim is not selling any food and playing ‘loud’ music.

Members of Northampton Borough Council’s licensing committee will review Kass’s Grill on the grounds of public nuisance and public safety during a meeting on Friday.

A report prepared ahead of the meeting states a complaint was made to Northamptonshire Police in July last year that the venue was not operating as a cafe and was playing loud music.

Licensing officers visited the premises and found “no evidence” of food being served and were using a large part of the premises as what appeared to be a dance floor.

The report states the business owner, Patrycja Wolinska made an application to vary the planning licence but this was refused earlier this year. No application has been made to vary the conditions of the premises licence.

Louise Faulkner, senior licensing officer at Northampton Borough Council, who wrote the report, said: “It is my view that licensing officers have tried to work with the licence holders and have given them plenty of opportunity to address these matters, most notably allowing time for the planning application to go ahead. However, the failure to address these matters is impacting upon the licensing objectives as evidenced by the fire service and environmental health.”

The licensing committee will have the option to modify, revoke or suspend the premises licence for a certain period of time. Other options include removing the designated premises supervisor or excluding the sale of alcohol from the premises.