Northampton boy launches own clothing brand out of his bedroom aged just 14

A 14-year-old Northampton boy who developed and now sells his own clothing brand says more young people should start their own businesses.

Monday, 20th March 2017, 6:38 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:11 am
Chalie, in red, wearing his own branded clothing at a business fare at The Duston School.

He has just released his second collection of clothes under his homegrown brand, "Pure Clothing & Apparel," and says others teenagers should try their hand at entrepreneurship.

Charlie Jones, 14, a pupil at The Duston School, in Berrywood Road, Duston, launched his brand in his spare time at home.

He said: "I first came up with the idea when I was 11, back in 2014. I've always been interested in fashion and branding and I would often sketch designs new ideas on paper. I decided to print my own t-shirt designs just for me and my brother. But I was so proud seeing him enjoy wearing it.

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Charlie's new range of hoodies, fresh out the box.

"I finally decided to go for it in 2016. My family were really supportive and I knew I would have to launch it with my own money. I'd been thinking about my brand, "Pure," for years. I spent weeks working out the business and four days straight on the computer designing my diamond logo. I feel the diamond represents the idea of "Pure" very well."

Charlie invested his own money into his brand and started his first business venture when he was only 13.

"I was over the moon when my first products came. I'd ordered 50 t-shirts with my own designs on them. My work had paid off. I spent ages advertising my brand and making contacts on social media.

"I sold a few to my friends but soon I got some interest from m schoolmates and a few adults. Then three weeks later, I had sold out.

"It feels great seeing people around my school wearing my brand and I've had some really positive feedback.

"It's been three months since then and I've just released my second collection, a set of "Pure" branded hoodies. My products are unisex, high-quality and casual.

"I want to teach teenagers my age and encourage them to make money the right way. I want to inspire others to start businesses of any kind. It's better than doing a paper round."

For more information on Charlie's clothing brand, visit

Charlie's new range of hoodies, fresh out the box.

Pure Clothing & Apparel also has its own Facebook page at