Northampton Borough Council to buy new £38k Mayoral car following crash

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A new £38,000 Jaguar XJ is being bought by Northampton Borough Council to replace the mayoral car which was written off in a crash.

The mayor’s luxury car was badly damaged after a BMW allegedly collided with the rear of it while the vehicle was waiting in stationary traffic on the A5 in Weedon in October last year.

Councillor Les Marriott, the Mayor of Northampton who was in the vehicle at the time, said nobody was injured in the collision which caused extensive damage to the bumper of the Jaguar.

As a result of the damage to the car, which had been used by different mayors of Northampton for the past 14 years, the car was written off by insurers.

Councillor Marriott has since been using a range of vehicles to get to official engagements including a Ford Mondeo, Vauxhall Insignia, Range Rover and a Volkswagen Passat. He has also used Amber and Mayfair taxis to get round town.

Councillor Marriott said: “I think people expect the mayor to turn up to engagements in a prestigious vehicle. Before the crash the car had been off the road for quite a while [with another issue] and I have used various hire cars, taxis and I have driven myself. I say it was because of the number 13 in the year, but I have been unlucky for various reasons during my time as mayor.”

A spokeswoman for Northampton Borough Council claimed there was no blame with the mayor’s driver and the council’s insurers were currently pursuing the third party’s insurer to recover costs.

A spokeswoman for Northampton Borough Council said some of the money for the new £38,250 Jaguar XJ would be claimed from insurers, but the rest would be paid for by the taxpayer.

The spokeswoman said: “Our insurers are currently pursuing the third party’s insurer to recover costs, but a decision has been made to purchase a replacement mayoral car.”

The mayoral car numberplate NH1 has been valued at £250,000.