Northampton Borough Council tenant: Rat was so big it wore trap as a necklace

Rat found in the family bathroom at a flat in St James area, Northampton
Rat found in the family bathroom at a flat in St James area, Northampton

A council flat in Northampton has been infested with “hundreds of rats”, vermin experts have said.

Tenants at Stitchman House, St James in Northampton have complained after an infestation of rats has become so bad that they can constantly hear them in the walls. The noises are sometimes so loud they make the frightened tenants jump with fear.

Tanya Dawes, who lives with her partner and four-year-old child, said that the problem started last year after builders who upgraded the bathroom and kitchen left holes in the walls.

Mrs Dawes’ partner said: “Since we moved in two years ago there have always been traps outside the building but now they have got into our flat.

“They are supposed to come out at night but it has got to the point where we can catch them running across the hallway from the bathroom and into the kitchen.

“I’v seen five baby rats in the kitchen and I once saw one so big that it was wearing a rat trap, which are supposed to kill them, like a necklace.”

Mr Elkington called a pest control company to the flat a month ago and was told that, by analysis of the noises coming from the walls, there were “hundreds” in the building, but the company could only put down more traps.

He also called Northampton Borough Council at the time who failed to do anything about it.

However, since the Chronicle & Echo contacted the council today, specialists were today sent to the house to cover the holes in the walls. The council said it will be looking further into the situation.

Councillor Mary Markham, Northampton Borough Council’s cabinet member for housing. said: “Our officers have been out to visit Miss Dawes today to inspect her flat and start investigating the issue. We have already made some immediate repairs to the property and will be looking at what else we can do.”

If any other council tenants have major problems with rats or ther vermin, call the Chron on Northampton 467037.