Northampton Borough Council releases full list of 2015 election candidates - view here

Voters are due to go to the polls on May 7.
Voters are due to go to the polls on May 7.

Northampton Borough Council has released its full list of candidates in the 2015 elections, which you can view here.

Conservative currently control the council, but anything could happen when voters go to the polls on May 7.

Scroll down to find the hopefuls running in your ward below, listed in alphabetical order.


Jamal ALWAHABI - Labour

Tony ANSELL - Conservative

Iftikhar Ahmed CHOUDARY - Conservative

Drew David GRAY - Green

Jill Denise PANEBIANCO - Liberal Democrat

Regina ROGOLSKA - Liberal Democrat

Zoe SMITH - Labour


Tahmina Akther CHAUDHURY - Liberal Democrat

Andrew Cameron KILBRIDE - Conservative

Christopher John MALPAS - Conservative

Anthea Elizabeth MITCHELL - Labour

Leesa ROGERS - UK Independence Party

Winston Allister STRACHAN - Labour


David GARLICK - Liberal Democrat

Geoff HERBERT - Labour

Jamie William LANE - Conservative


Irum CHOUDARY - The Conservative

Clement CHUNGA - Labour Party

Martin Gerard DE ROSARIO - UK Independence Party

Michael Charles FULLER Liberal Democrat


Nahar BEGUM - Conservative

Muna CALI - Labour

Enam HAQUE - Labour

Julie Marie HAWKINS - Green

Aktar HUSSEIN - Liberal Democrat

Christopher John David KELLETT - Conservative

Gregory Simon LUNN - Conservative

Danielle STONE - Labour

Delapre & Briar Hill

Norman ADAMS - Northampton Save Our Services

Vicky CULBARD - Labour

Richard John CULLIS - Conservative

Julie Anne DAVENPORT - Labour

Mick FORD - Liberal Democrat

Brendan John GLYNANE - Liberal Democrat

Nicola Claire HEDGES - Liberal Democrat

Minesh KALARIA - Conservative

Mark Andrew PLOWMAN - British National Party

Walter TARASIEWICZ - Labour

Kate TRUAX - UK Independence Party

Graham John WALKER - Conservative

East Hunsbury

Richard ALEXANDER - Liberal Democrat

Brandon ELDRED - Conservative

Phil LARRATT - Conservative

Anne WISHART - Labour

James Stanley WISHART - Labour


Colin Allan BRICHER - UK Independence Party

Elizabeth GOWEN - Labour

Roy Edward HICKEY - Conservative

Farhana KHAN - Liberal Democrat

Anthony James LOCHMULLER - Green

Arthur Philip MCCUTCHEON - Labour

Kings Heath

Paul Leslie CLARK - Conservative

Fern Rachelle CONROY - Liberal Democrat

Terrie EALES - Labour

Matthew JONES - UK Independence Party


Lord BUNGLE - The Eccentric Party of Great Britain

Beverley Anne MENNELL - UK Independence Party

Samuel Mark RUMENS - Conservative

Cathrine Margaret RUSSELL - Labour

Marianne TAYLOR - Liberal Democrat


Sally BEARDSWORTH - Liberal Democrat

Alan Edward HAMES - UK Independence Party

Barry Norman KIRBY - Labour

Steve MILLER - Green Party

Mike O`CONNOR - Conservative

Nene Valley

Joe ATKINS - Labour

Liam COSTELLO - Independent

John Kenneth CRAKE - Liberal Democrat

Michael HILL - Conservative

Michael Richard JONES - UK Independence Party

Jonathan NUNN - Conservative

Denise O`HORA - Labour

New Duston

Lian ALLEN - Green

John CASWELL - Conservative

Matthew John GOLBY - Conservative

Dan GUILD - UK Independence Party

David HUFFADINE-SMITH - Independent

Timothy JECHE - Labour

Alan Roger KINGSTON - Labour

Julia Lynne MADDISON - Liberal Democrat


Tom APPLEYARD - UK Independence Party

Justin James BROWN - Independent

Trini CRAKE - Liberal Democrat

Paul JOYCE - Labour

Samuel SHAW - Conservative

Old Duston

Roger Henry CONROY - Liberal Democrat

Christopher Simon GARDNER - Labour

Dave GREEN - Northampton Save Our Services

Tim HADLAND - Conservative

Suresh PATEL - Conservative

Geraldine Trudy TANDOH - Labour

Dusan TORBICA - UK Independence Party


Roger Colin FEIST - UK Independence Party

Axel Wolfgang LANDMANN - Liberal Democrat

Mary Margaret MARKHAM - Conservative

Mark Nicholas WALL - Labour


Karim Ali EL-AYOUBI - UK Independence Party

Mike HALLAM - Conservative

Mohammed Turon MIAH - Labour

Mike TORPY - Liberal Democrat


Anna Sarah KING - Conservative

Steve O`CONNOR - Labour

Marcus ROCK - Green Party

Mark UNWIN - UK Independence Party

Pamela VARNSVERRY - Liberal Democrat

Rectory Farm

Celia Ann BURGE - Liberal Democrat

James William HILL - Conservative

Giash UDDIN - Labour

Toni Marie WALKER - UK Independence Party


Richard David ARTERTON - Liberal Democrat

Thomas George HARRISON - UK Independence Party

Stephen John HIBBERT - Conservative

Tipu RAHMAN - Labour


Penny FLAVELL - Conservative

Janet PHILLIPS - Labour

Paul Anthony SCHOFIELD - Liberal Democrat

Max Edward TITMUSS - UK Independence Party


Laura ELDRED - Conservative

Ian Paul GIBBINS - UK Independence Party

Les MARRIOTT - Labour

Sarah Jane ULDALL - Liberal Democrat


Tim ARMIT - Conservative

Sadik CHAUDHURY - Liberal Democrat

Gareth Matthew EALES - Labour

Irene MCGOWAN - UK Independence Party

Spring Park

Mohammed AZIZUR RAHMAN - Conservative

Michael BEARDSWORTH - Liberal Democrat

Ray BEASLEY - British National Party

Robin Harold FRUISH - UK Independence Party

Dan KELSEY - Green

Philippa Margaret SMITH - Labour


Michael BAKER - UK Independence Party

Naz CHOUDARY - Labour

Arthur John NEWBURY - Conservative

Martin TAYLOR - Liberal Democrat


Rufia ASHRAF - Labour

Phillip Andrew BUCHAN - Conservative

Jill Susan HOPE - Liberal Democrat

David Charles LEWIS - UK Independence Party


Titus AJAYI - Labour

Nilesh PAREKH - Conservative

Angela PATERSON - Liberal Democrat


John Victor ALLEN - UK Independence Party

Janice Helen DUFFY - Labour

Francesca KING - Conservative

Dennis MEREDITH - Liberal Democrat

Rona MEREDITH - Liberal Democrat

Andrew Hillary PORTER - Labour

Julie Sharon ROLFE - Conservative


Jane Linda BIRCH - Labour

Tony CLARKE - Green Party

Brian Colin HOARE - Liberal Democrat

John Michael HOWSAM - UK Independence Party

Arif RAHMAN - Conservative


Alan BOTTWOOD - Conservative

Daniel Joseph JONES - Liberal Democrat

Repon MIAH - Labour

Brian William SARGEANT - Conservative

Leanne Belinda WARD - Labour

West Hunsbury

Cerri Jacqueline GLYNANE - Liberal Democrat

Brian OLDHAM - Conservative

Alan Richard SMITH - Labour


Toby John BIRCH - Labour

Matt LYNCH - Conservative

Brian MARKHAM - Liberal Democrat