Northampton Borough Council leader denies that he “hogs the limelight”

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The leader of Northampton Borough Council has defended himself against claims from opposition politicians that he takes all the credit for the achievements of the council.

At a bad-tempered full council meeting, Liberal Democrat councillor Sally Beardsworth put forward a motion calling for the Conservative administration to deliver their 2011 manifesto pledge of being a council that “listens and delivers what people want.”

Councillor Beardsworth said: “It is not about an administration congratulating itself but it is about doing a good job.

“Councillor Mackintosh does everything and it is a shame for their portfolio holders that live in his shadow. Why doesn’t he bring them out and give them credit for what they have done.”

But, speaking after the meeting, Councillor Mackintosh denied that he took all the credit and said he did support his cabinet colleagues and allowed them a chance in the limelight.

He said: “I don’t think that’s true; I do support my cabinet colleagues.

“I don’t think I should take any lectures from the Lib Dems about how to run an administration and election campaign as they went down from 26 councillors to four in 2011.”

Councillor Mackintosh also received support from his Conservative colleague Tim Hadland who said he was the “hardest-working politician you will ever clap eyes on.”

Councillor Phil Larratt said: “At least he is doing something. He did more in a week than you lot did in four years.”

Councillor Tim Hadland said: “He never sleeps. He is the hardest-working politician you will ever clap eyes on and many politicians could learn from him.”