Northampton Beaver Scouts quietly raise money for Hearing Dogs

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A youth group has a great deal to shout about after taking part in a sponsored silence to help raise money for charity.

Proving that actions speak louder than words, Grange Park Beaver Scouts supported Hearing Dogs for Deaf People with their self-imposed silence.

The Beavers , boys and girls aged from 6-8 years old who are the youngest section of the Scouts Association, raised £350.

The group was inspired after a visit to the Grange Park Scout Group by Joe, a former Cub and Scout, to talk about his battle with cancer and to introduce his new best friend, Travis - a specially trained hearing dog .

Joe has been constantly battling with ill health and he has undergone numerous procedures which left him deaf.

Twice diagnosed with neuroblastoma when he was ten months old and again as a toddler, he has since been diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Joe recently took part in a CBBC ‘My Life’ documentary series entitled ‘My Dogs Ears’ which followed Joe as he was introduced to his hearing dog and new best friend, Travis.

The Beaver Scouts took part in a silent activity as part of their session on senses in which the children could only communicate by using a whiteboard when completing an activity set by the leaders and Joe.

A total of £350 was raised for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People from sponsorship and from the Grange Park Scout Group’s tombola they conducted at a summer fayre in August.

Julie Bainbridge, a Grange Park Beaver Leader, said: “The Beavers could see the great benefit Travis has brought to Joe’s life,

“I am immensely proud of them for the money raised from their sponsored silence - it shows we can make a difference.”

Vicky Ryan, community fundraising manager for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, said: “We are so grateful to everyone involved with the sponsored silence and Summer Fayre tombola which have raised such an amazing amount.

“The donation raised by the Grange Park Beaver Scouts and Scouts will help to change the lives of people like Joe.

“On behalf of hearing dogs I would like to say thank you.”

Julie added: “We’re so proud of Joe, showing so much bravery.

“It’s amazing to see his confidence grow since Travis became part of his family.”