Northampton-based nutrition expert steps in to help Uruguayan Rugby World Cup squad

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A nutrition centre in Northampton has been supplying performance supplements to the Uruguayan Rugby World Cup squad while they have been training at Moulton College

Northampton Nutrition Centre based in Gold St Mews in Northampton was approached by the team and had a visited from the team manager, along with the team nutritionist.

Owner Neill Friedman said: ““You can imagine my surprise when they walked in, in their RWC jumpers.

“A professional team cannot just purchase products off the shelf as there is always the risk of cross contamination of banned substances which even in trace amounts could show up in blood tests and affect a players carrier,” he added.

“So the team can only take products that are batch tested and guaranteed not to contain any banned substances.”

Mr Friedman, who plays rugby for Northampton Old Scouts, has experience of working with professional athletes and was able to supply the products they needed.

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“I was really proud to be able to assist”, he added.

“It was even better when they presented me with a team T shirt and placed another order with me.”

The team head off to Manchester after the Fiji game where they will face a rather dejected England, who were dumped out of the cup after being defeated by Australia on Saturday.