NGH chief tells Cameron: my demoralised staff deserve cash for a new hospital

Dr Sonia Swart
Dr Sonia Swart

Doctor Sonia Swart, the chief executive of Northampton General Hospital, has tweeted the Prime Minister a wishlist for her staff and patients, including fewer regulations.

It includes more money for A&E care and money for a bigger hospital site.

It has been sent in the wake of the Tory leader’s victory in an election where he pledged to invest heavily in the NHS.

The NGH boss, an NHS doctor for 37 years, has taken her chance to be one of the first to put in her bid for what she strongly believes her hospital needs.

Under the heading What do we need and what do our patients deserve? she asks for:

-financial support to redevelop the hospital site and “provide the modern wards and facilities that our patients and staff deserve”.

- funding mechanisms to cover the cost of care, particulalry emergency care.

- finance and expertise to get better value for patients

- fewer regulations

She says: “We know what needs to be done but we need some help.

“I need to tell you that staff in the NHS have never been under so much pressure and demand for services has never been so high.

Many staff are very demoralised.

“Like most hospitals we are struggling to provide high quality care within our current resources and struggling to recruit enough nurses and doctors in many areas.

“Our hospital is dominated by emergency care pressures and we feel the risks of this every day - clinically, operationally and financially.

“We also have an ageing estate with parts of the hospital dating back to the 18th Century. A new hospital is long overdue.

She adds: “I urge you to ensure the your government’s plans for the future focus on the need to support abd listen to frontline staff - this includes managers as well as doctors and nurses.”