New York mans plea to Northampton woman after mistakenly receiving her post four times

Bob Marino.
Bob Marino.

Do you live at Salisbury Street in Semilong? If so, Bob Marino of 11 Salisbury Street in Pulaski, New York has your post.

Over a two year period, New Yorker, Bob Marino has four times inexplicably received letters addressed to Salisbury Street in Semilong, but despite the 4,000 mile journey across the Atlantic, he is still mistakenly being sent a mysterious woman's post.

While Bob and the mystery woman's addresses both share the same street name, he begs the question why the U.S. postal service keep getting their addresses, and continents, mixed-up.

The four letters, which Bob has received is understood to have been sent from an inmate in an American prison.

Bob, who has reached out to the intended recipient on Facebook, has posted a picture of each letter on social media in a bid for her to see his appeal.

He said his Facebook posts are now greeted with "numb disbelief. I tried to contact [her] a few times with Facebook messenger - but she never responded nor did she respond to my friend requests. Pretty disappointing since I am so interested in all this.

"The letters are all from Texas - they seem to come from at least one Federal Penitentiary."

The first letter he received was on October 4 before putting it back in the post with hope it would reach the recipient. Three weeks later, it showed up at his letter box again with an additional Syracuse postmark, stamped 'returned for additional postage'.

After receiving a third letter this year, Bob desperately sent the letter his pal in France, who he believes has a better chance of sending the post on successfully in Europe. And following a fourth letter, he directly contacted the Chronicle & Echo.

The Chron has personally reached out to the address and hopes the intended recipient of the Texas letters gets in touch.