New water tariff could see struggling Northampton people get 80 per cent of their bill

The tariffs will be means-tested
The tariffs will be means-tested

A water tariff available to people in Northanpton who are struggling financially could grant them sizeable discounts.

Anglian Water has launched a scheme whereby checks on people’s incomings and outgoings are carried out by Central and East Northamptonshire citizens’ advice bureau.

There is a strong element welfare about the scheme and also helping people stay out arrears.

Anglian Water spokeswoman

Those whose water bill is a significant amount of the money left after paying all other essentials (for example if they had a bill of about £40 when they have £100 of disposable income) could be eligible for discounts of up to 80 per cent.

A spokeswoman for Anglian Water said: “There is a strong element welfare about the scheme and also helping people stay out arrears.”

As well as making a recommendation to Anglian Water about someone’s eligibility for the tariff, the CAB will also be supporting applicants to increase their income, to reduce their water usage and to signpost or refer them to sources of local advice.

The discount bands are 20, 40, 60 and 80 per cent.

LITE builds on Anglian Water’s commitment to helping vulnerable customers and the raft of measures it already provides, such as free water meters and water saving devices, the Aquacare Plus and Watersure tariffs and a special Anglian Water Assistance Fund of £1million per year for customers facing real hardship.

Customers who want to apply for the LITE tariff should call Anglian Water on 0800 169 3630 where specially trained advisors will be able to discuss the range of ways the company can help customers manage their bills.

Martin Lord, chief executive of the bureau said, “We are really impressed with Anglian Water’s commitment to helping the poorest off better able meet their water costs.

“Anglian listened to us during the process of drawing up the policy and we think its been well designed to help people – not just by reducing what they would otherwise pay – but also allowing us to offer extra for those who need it most.”