New Upton Park housing estate needs £19m of facilities

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Developers intent on building 1,000 houses in Northampton must build facilities worth £19 million to support the new estate.

Upton Park, off Weedon Road, has been approved in principle by Northampton Borough Council, but builders must, over the course of the project, hand over funds to build a new primary school, a place of worship and a 200 square metre local centre.

Among the other contributions that must be met under the Section 106 agreement is money to be paid to Northamptonshire County Council to fund secondary school places.

The minutes of the planning meeting said: “The local centre will include local rental facilities, including a small convenience store, healthcare services and community facilities.

“There will also be structural green space and wildlife corridors.”

Nicolette Bench, a local resident and chair of the Upton Youth Club, addressed the committee and spoke against the application, specifically the site access and the volume of traffic generated along West Street.

Councillor Alan Bottwood, also spoke out against the plans in his capacity of ward councillor and membership of Upton Parish Council.

He was specifically concerned about insufficient road access to the site and the potential volume of traffic generated along West Street, which is set to be one-way only.

However the committee approved the plans in principle.

Andrew Venables, of the Homes and Communities Agency, said the consultation would continue before finalising the access via West Street.

He added that the problems of parking and bus access would be addressed by both the widening of the road and the introduction of parking bays.

When completed, the site would have two access points, from both the eastern and western sides of the development.

Approving the plans in principle in effect means the council considers the idea of 1,000 homes on the Upton Park land to be appropriate.

However, specific proposals for the ratio of affordable homes, for example, still need to be ironed out.

The full plan will go before a planning committee to 
be voted on by elected 
Northampton Borough councillors.