New tourism website planned for Kettering

How it is envisaged the website will look.
How it is envisaged the website will look.

Tourists wishing to visit Kettering will soon be able to find out more about the town on a new council-run website.

Kettering Council has promoted the area for the past few years on its popular This is Kettering Facebook page.

Officers are now working on a new tourism website, also called This is Kettering, in a bid to attract more visitors to the town.

A report set to be discussed at an executive committee meeting next week said: “Tourism is increasingly a key component to the area’s economy – with visitors exploring the wonderful assets Northamptonshire has to offer.

“Whether it is family-friendly trips to Wicksteed Park, the thrills and spills of race day at Silverstone, or the countless tranquil walks along meandering rivers; this area has plenty to sing about.

“The “This is Kettering” Facebook page has, for the last few years, been utilised by KBC as a means of advertising what the Kettering area is all about – and notifying people of key offers, events and new businesses.

“Visitor numbers have risen steadily and – coupled with the council’s Twitter feed – are expected to continue to do so.

“Despite this success, it was felt that more could be done to deliver a comprehensive view of Kettering, and the surrounding area.

“As such we have been working on a new tourism website, taking the “This is Kettering”, approach but widening the focus so that it incorporates everything someone could realistically do if staying in the Kettering area (i.e not restricted by the borough boundary).

“We have spent time consulting with key businesses within the sector, as well as examining the way other successful tourism websites work.”