New restrictions mean Kingsthorpe Hollow residents can’t park outside homes

Parking on the wide St Andrew's road has been banned through the week
Parking on the wide St Andrew's road has been banned through the week
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Angry residents have hit out after after new parking restrictions banned them from leaving cars outside their homes.

People from more than 30 houses in St Andrew’s Road near Kingsthorpe Hollow, in Northampton, have complained to Northamptonshire County Council after they said they were surprised by a new restrictions last week, preventing them from parking outside along the road between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week.

They believed the restriction would be an inconvenience to themselves and residents in surrounding areas and that it was made without warning.

Following the objections, the council has temporarily waived the restriction, but it could be reinstated after further reviews in the future.

One resident, Colleen Dillon, aged 24, said: “St Andrew’s Road is very wide and hasn’t had any restrictions since there was a primary school there more than 15 years,

“It would be completely impractical as it means I would have to get my two children in the car before 8am on a Sunday, just to move it elsewhere.

“It would drive the value of our houses down and impact on residents in other areas when we have to park in their spaces.

“Having no parked cars in the road would also make worse the problem we already have of lorries racing down it.”

Following concerns from residents in St Andrew’s Road about the impact of a parking restriction, Northamptonshire County Council has explained its plans.
A spokesperson said: “Work is being carried out to put in double yellow lines extending into a number of side roads off St Andrew’s Road. This has been agreed with the Semilong Residents’ Forum and the lines have been through the full Traffic Regulation Order process, including letters to nearby properties, public notices and a review of any objections received.
“The lines will create a point where pedestrians can cross the road, as currently they stop short of the pedestrian guard rail so that anyone walking along St Andrew’s Road could be obstructed by a parked car.
“This has also caused people with mobility scooters to ride against the traffic along St Andrew’s Road because there was nowhere to for them to cross safely.”