New plans to enhance St Giles Street in Northampton revealed by borough council

Image: Northampton Borough Council
Image: Northampton Borough Council

Fish Street in Northampton will be fully predestrianised and St Giles Street given wider pavements as part of plans revealed by Northampton Borough Council.

Additional parking bays, new street furniture and features celebrating the town’s history and heritage are also included in the proposals.

A spokesperson for the council said the plans would make the area more attractive and welcoming to shoppers.

“Over the summer Northampton Borough Council with the county council began working on plans and proposals for the area with local businesses and traders. St Giles Street is home to a thriving hub of independent shops and cafes, and the improvements will help bring out this unique character,” the spokesperson said.

“St Giles Street is an important link between the town centre and the attractions in the Cultural Quarter.

“However, the narrow pavements and general appearance of the area do not reflect the quality of the unique shops and businesses that can be found along the street,” the spokesperson added.

The proposals outline a number of changes to St Giles Street and the surrounding area:

St Giles Square - The proposals outline “a rationalisation” of street furniture, in particular outside the Guildhall. There will be addtional parking spaces, an avenue of tree planting , the preservation of flag poles and an enhancement of heritage lighting around the Guildhall.

St Giles Street West - Plans include wider pedestrian footways removing the pinch points. The “level-top” pedestrian crossing from the Fish Street junction would be improved and new trees would be added.

St Giles Street East - The area would have an improved “level-top” crossing outside the Ridings Arcade, and two further crossings at the junction with Castilian Stret and Hazelwood Road.

Fish Street - The proposals for Fish Street would see the area becoming fully pedestrianised and involve the removal of all the street clutter. The plans, the council says, would make it an easier space to navigate and enhance views in to the street making it more inviting.

Councillor Mary Markham, leader of Northampton Borough Council, said: “We want visitors to feel welcomed into our town centre. By playing to our strengths we can encourage more people to come into Northampton and explore what we have to offer.

“We have already seen the difference a transformation can make following the works in Abington Street and Guildhall Road.

“With a thriving scene of small boutiques and niche retailers St Giles Street is something special. The improvement work will highlight the character of the area as something you can only find in Northampton. This can only be good for the local economy as we support local businesses and promote our town.”

The spokesperson said the eastern end of the street would be made more pedestrian friendly with features that slow traffic to make it safer and easier to cross.

“The improvements will also pedestrianise Fish Street. Without the roadway new attractive paving can be used as well as welcoming street furniture.

“Along St Giles Street the pavements will be widened and surfaces improved to help us show off the area of the town as something special.

“And in St Giles Square the improvements will continue with some additional parking bays, high quality street furniture and features that will allow us to celebrate our town’s history and heritage.” the spokesperson added.