New ‘hamster welfare course’ offered by Northamptonshire County Council

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Northamptonshire County Council is offering a new adult learning course where people can learn how to “meet the welfare needs of hamsters”.

The information about the course, which was due to run at Caroline Chisholm School in Northampton from March 4, states that it is “designed to give hamster owners, or anyone considering owning a hamster, an understanding of how to meet their welfare needs.”

By the end of the course, which costs £9, participants will be able to “plan a balanced diet for hamsters” and “evaluate the extent to which different types of hamster housing meet the needs of hamsters.”

People who attend the course will also be able to “describe the social needs of different species of hamster and explain how to provide appropriate company, identify some natural behaviours of hamsters and select equipment or methods which enable hamsters to express these behaviours and recognise signs of good and ill health in hamsters.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said no bookings had been made for this particular course so it wouldn’t be going ahead.

The spokesman said: “We love hearing people’s suggestions for courses and we’re happy to test out new ones, as we’ve done with the hamster care course.

“The courses do have to pay for themselves though so there’s no drain on the public purse. In this particular case, we actually haven’t had any bookings so this course won’t be going ahead.

“However, we’ve lots of other courses ranging from interesting hobbies to supporting the growth of local businesses.”

Northamptonshire County Council also offers a adult learning course where people can learn about “meeting the welfare needs of cats.”