New Fathers 4 Justice campaigners warn cinemas of protest plans at Suffragette screenings

Suffragette will be opening in cinemas in Northampton next week
Suffragette will be opening in cinemas in Northampton next week

Campaigners for New Fathers 4 Justice have warned they will be targeting cinemas featuring the new film, Suffragette, which is being shown in Northampton next week.

The film, starring Helena Bonham Carter, was launched at a premiere in Leicester Square, London, on Wednesday and campaigners raising awareness about domestic violence stormed the barriers to lay down on the red carpet.

Father’s rights groups, New Fathers 4 Justice, warned cinemas to “expect the unexpected”. The film is being shown at Cineworld and Vue at various times from Monday.

A spokesman for the group said: “The cast of Suffragette praised the recent protest at its premiere but none has even spoken up for equal rights for fathers.

“We get criticised for climbing bridges over roads yet the Suffragettes now get praised despite the extreme violence they used to get the vote.

“Equality for all includes fathers after family breakdown,” he said. “The lack of justice and equality for fathers to see their children is one of the biggest social scandals of our time.

“Fathers are six times as likely to play an active role in bringing up their kids as fathers a generation or two ago.

“Nowadays, we don’t just attend the birth of our children - unheard of only 50 years ago - but we are also more likely to play with, bathe their children and take them to school.

“Yet when it comes to contact with their children after a relationship breaks down fathers still have no legal rights to see their children,” he added.