NEW DRONE CAM VIDEO: Extra angles of the demolition of Greyfriars Bus Station in Northampton

DSM Demolition's drone cam's image of the detonations
DSM Demolition's drone cam's image of the detonations
  • Footage from two drone cams taken by DSM Demolition
  • Shots from on top of Mayorhold car park
  • Angle shows view inside the evacuation zone

Footage taken by the demolition team who carried out the controlled explosion of Greyfriars bus station has been released.

The DSM Demolition shows a view from The Mounts car park much closer to the explosion than previously seen and further forward than the public or media were allowed to go. The angle shows the whole length of the building along Lady’s Lane.

But the most spectacular new footage shows images from two drone cams, one just in front of the building looking towards Northampton College so that the sequence of detonations can be clearly seen as well as the whoosh of debris shooting out of the Mouth of Hell.