New cinema leads to ‘expected’ fall in audiences for films and live broadcasts at Northamptonshire theatre

The Core at Corby Cube
The Core at Corby Cube

Bosses at the Core in Corby say the town’s new cinema has affected them, but the competition allows them to look at ways to offer something different to their customers.

A report into the Core, looking back at its performance in the past 12 months as well as looking ahead, has been published.

The Savoy has had an impact on audience figures at the cinema at the Core

The Savoy has had an impact on audience figures at the cinema at the Core

It says the programme of shows and events at the Core, which is run by Corby Cube Theatre Trust (CCTT), continues to develop, with the varied programme attracting a wide range of audiences.

Workshops and groups held regularly encourage the development of local talent and help increase the skills of individuals wanting to work in the industry from dancers to playwrights.

Productions such as Macbeth and Chotto Desh have proved popular with schools this year, and helped boost partnerships that the Core has developed with schools in the area.

The Core beat its targets in both adult and young people attendance from April 2014 to March 15.

Its target for adult attendance was 21,184, but the actual figure was 23,988.

The target total for young people attending was 7,000 and they also beat this by achieving 7,902.

The past year has also seen the Core celebrating its fifth birthday.

However, the report noted that the opening of the Savoy cinema in Corby town centre has had an impact on the Core’s cinema.

The report states: “With the opening of the Savoy there has been the expected reduction in audiences for films and live broadcasts.

“The marketing strategy for the cinema has been re-aligned and includes a change in the scheduling and film choices as well as a refreshed social media presence.

“The impact of the Savoy will continue to be reviewed in order to identify how to best promote the cinema at the Core and sales will be closely monitored.

“There are some strong titles being released in the coming months and the Core is optimistic they can retain film attendances and include more ‘special events’ and genre specific nights over the next 12 months.

“The cinema provision will also look to move to weekdays only providing more opportunities for live events at the weekend from 2016 onwards.”

Looking ahead, the Core has said it is launching a mobile version of its website which will make it easier for customer access to the website from smart phones and tablets as well as book tickets for films and shows.

The report said Corby Council continues to be ‘delighted’ with the work of the Core, and added: “The business continues to develop in line with new facilities and opportunities within the town centre including the cinema and local restaurants.

“Although the opening of the cinema has created competition it may also allow the opportunity for innovative programming and marketing of the Core product to its audience seeking an experience which is different to a multi-screen cinema.”

The report was due to be considered by members of Corby Council’s overview and scrutiny panel last night.